Fresh, Fun, Fabulous Plants for Every Occasion

With a stunning selection of flowers, plants and even trees, it’s no wonder Waukesha Floral & Greenhouse is the preferred flower shop in the area. We have a spectacular selection of different types of tropical, indoor and outdoor plants including chrysanthemums, azaleas, orchids, succulents and more in our greenhouse.

Our “TLC” for these plants guarantees they will thrive when you take them home. You’ll find a beautiful plant to add to the room of your choice, or to send as a gift through our delivery service. Plants are a long-lasting and affordable way to decorate for any occasion—let us help you find one to brighten the event.

Falling in Love with Seasonal Decorations

Every season brings new colors, textures and scents to Waukesha Floral. One of our favorite seasons is fall when our greenhouse is blooming with mums, kale, tasseled grasses and other plants in hues of red, orange and maroon—deep colors reminiscent of crisp, fall days.

More stunning options include plants from the Croton family, Bromeliads and Dracaena “Lime-Lite.” Our florists can help you select plants that are blooming with delight and easy to maintain no matter where you place them. Let’s decorate for fall together—whether it’s indoors or outdoors.

Clean Your Air with Indoor Plants

Did you know that having plants indoors can help clean your air? That’s right—plants can significantly improve the air quality in your home or office by eliminating pollutants, gases and fumes that are naturally given off by carpets, cleaning supplies, paints and more. Plants that clean air—like ivies, ferns, chrysanthemums and dragon trees—are pretty and powerful. They’ll make your room look great while letting you breathe easier.

Plants can also reduce noise levels and stress, improve productivity and even help with allergies. Studies show that offices with a lack of flowers and plants that added greenery into their space saw more productivity out of their employees.

Opening up About Orchids

Orchids are a stunning choice for any setting. They come in a multitude of shades, from pure whites to deep pinks, and can have striking accented throats in the center. They all represent love, beauty and strength. Many gardeners believe that orchids are difficult to care for, but as long as you understand and meet their needs, these beauties are easy to maintain. Your home is the perfect place for one because they thrive in temperate climates.

When selecting an orchid, take a look at the roots to make sure they are a healthy, bright green. Don’t worry about repotting them if the flowers are vibrant and blooming. Only replant your orchid when the flowers have faded. You will need to trim back the flower stems to the soil and replant it in a new pot. Pick a pot that is one size larger and be sure to use a combination of bark and a soilless orchid mix.

Taking a Bite out of Vegetable Plants

Just because you don’t have a garden doesn’t mean you can’t grow your own vegetables. We have a variety of annual veggies available in our greenhouse—like tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, squash and more. We can tell you exactly how to take care of your new produce, whether you’re planting outside in your garden or in a container.

Marvel over Outdoor Plants

We also carry beautiful bedding plants for spring planting, hardy geraniums and mums and lush hanging baskets for the fall—many grown in our production greenhouse. Decorative plant containers and baskets are available to add the finishing touch! Custom planting of your outdoor containers is offered by our experienced gardening pros. Just stop in and ask a member of our friendly staff!