A Fun Festival of Flowers

March 9th marked the 7th annual Festival of Flowers to benefit Interfaith Senior Programs.  We had a beautiful Spring day with a little sun, a few sprinkles, some March winds and a flurry of fabulous friends!  Marty and Kristy presented some beautiful floral and plant ideas, and for those who couldn’t attend, we thought we might highlight some of these here.

Festival of Flowers 2016 2 005 Marty’s “Drinks at 5:00” pallet piece was a big hit!  He used tropical kalanchoes, dieffenbachia, palms, and scheffelera plants in a weathered pallet that he suggested go outdoors for the summer months.  His suggestion included a backing of plywood plus solid wood sides be added to a pallet.  Fill the pallet with planting mix, water thoroughly, and add your outdoor plants.  The pallet of plants should be grown flat until roots are established, and then  the pallet can be tipped against a front porch or on a patio.  Spanish moss is a nice touch to keep the soil moist, add visual interest and help establish roots on the plants.  Of course, the pallet could be done for indoors – keeping the plants in their grow pots with saucers, and watering the individual plants as needed.  As Marty said, not only is this a nice show for the neighbors – they’ll know when drinks are being served… and of course, it’s always 5:00 somewhere!

Festival of Flowers 2016 2 007

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