10 Ways to Make it a Very Special Mother’s Day… Planned by You!

mothers-dayMom deserves to be pampered on Mother’s Day!  At Waukesha Floral, we agree!

Of course we know how much mom loves to receive flowers from you, however don’t you think she deserves something extra special this year?

Here are some suggestions for gifts with your “special touch”, reprinted from The Society of American Florists:

  1. Invite Mom to brunch or dinner at her favorite restaurant and have a flower arrangement delivered right to her table for all to see.
  2. If your Mom loves to cook, we’ll create an her garden with several small pots of culinary herbs.  Or how about an herb garden with a gift card to a cooking school tucked in?  She might even invite you along!
  3. Make a special tribute to Mom by sending a decorated “Mother’s Day Tree”.  The week before Mother’s Day, bring several of your favorite family photos to us.  We’ll attach them to a plant or miniature tree using colorful ribbons.  You may want to prepare the photos ahead of time by pasting them onto pretty colored papers or putting them in small frames.
  4. If your Mom is planning on attending a worship service on Mother’s Day, we’ll design a special corsage for her to wear.  For a very special twist, purchase a new dress or hat for Mom to wear, and have it boxed and wrapped with the corsage in place of a bow on the outside.
  5. Give Mom something to relax with by wrapping a new book and asking us to place it into a fragrant flower bouquet with a note that reads “Today is YOUR Day to Relax!”.
  6. We can make a special spa kit with soaps, candles and chocolates on one side of a basket and flowers on the other.  You may want to even add a certificate for a manicure, pedicure, massage or spa day.
  7. If Mom is a bird watcher, ask for a birdhouse to be added to flowers.  We also have beautiful melodic wind chimes or heart-shaped flower stakes.
  8. If mom loves clothes or jewelry, we’d be happy to tie a scarf or drape a necklace around a vase of flowers to make the gift extra special.
  9. If you’re planning on taking Mom out to eat, bring a plate, bowl, napkin and set of silverware to Waukesha Floral the week before Mother’s Day.  We’ll make a floral arrangement in the bowl and include the silverware among the flowers, slipping in an invitation from you to her favorite restaurant.
  10. Tell her you love her.

Of course, a gift card to Waukesha Floral is always a welcome addition to any gift of flowers; one she will use and appreciate!


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