Art in Bloom

I hope you had a chance to get to The Milwaukee Art Museum this past weekend, for Art in Bloom. If you didn’t make it, here are some pictures of two floral pieces designed by our own Denise Gehrke, AIFD.

Stacked boxes were featured in the group entrance, and Denise embellished them with tropical leaves, braided palm fronds, monstera leaves and rolled ti leaves. She designed this on behalf of the American Institute of Floral Designers, of which she is a member.

The tropical piece was Denise’s entry into the art show. The painting behind the floral design shows a vertical multi-colored stripe picture, and Denise interpreted this with the fresh bamboo in vertical columns (cleverly attached to the pillar without nails), topped with tropical flowers and foliages. It is a simple design that effectively mimics the simplicity of the picture she designed for. Congratulations go to Denise for winning the Honorable Mention ribbon!

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