Autumn Flowers Now In!

Outdoor Mums are ready!  This size $10.99

 This weekend is calling for cooler Autumn-like weather.  Many yards have lost colorful flowers as the result of a dry and hot summer, and we have just the remedy.  Our beautiful outdoor hardy mums are now available, and perfect for planting or filling in an empty container on the patio.

Hardy mums are different than our greenhouse-grown mum plants.  These have been grown outdoors and trimmed to dome-like perfection!  Hardy mums are considered a perennial here and we recommend planting them early in the Fall and providing plenty of water to establish the roots.  A
light mulch will help over-winter, and we recommend not cutting them back to the ground in Fall.  Finally, it is  helpful to “pinch” the buds back in the spring–once at Memorial Day, once at July 4th and at Labor Day (but only Labor Day if you want to delay the re-blooming).  You will have plenty of blooms for next year.

Also featured here are purple Aster plants, a nice compliment to the mums with beautiful pink and purple flowers.  These are also perennial plants here (so they will come back too).

Fall Magic Pots can’t be beat for fast, easy color in the yard.  Each contain an annual grass with fluffy grass flowers plus a huge kale plant, mums and mini petunias for color.  The kale and grass will easily take you up until the snow flies (which we hope is a long time away!).

Fall Aster Plants

Fall Magic Pot  (the kale is huge!)

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