Bewitching Plants and Spooky Flowers

What makes a plant bewitching?    Or flowers spooky?  Take a look at what has been haunting our greenhouse lately….


The Snake Plant is a real charmer! Also known as “Viper’s Bowstring”, its zig zag white horizontal lines can play tricks on the eyes. This plant is a real loner – it can go for months and survive on virtual neglect. Every now and again, a small spiky flower may appear is if by magic from between the beautiful leaves.



The Agave plant tempts with showy stripes of green and white, but unlike its gentle succulent cousin, this plant can bite! Along each branch of the Agave lie razor-sharp thorns just waiting to pierce the unsuspecting finger.



Air plants (Tillandsia sp.) qualify as spooky because they grow without the benefit of roots! Humidity and an occasional water bath are what the air plant needs to survive and thrive. Amazingly, this little plant even blooms where others do not. It’s bizarre… and spooky!



Cockscomb currently resides in our cooler. The bewitchingly beautiful ruffled petals resemble the brain in many ways… an exposed brain!! Kinda creepy…



Aloe Vera is a plant that hides its secrets within its leaves. Most folks know the cooling benefits of its gel to relieve sunburn or “I touched the inside of the oven” burn. Studies have shown that Aloe is fine to use as a natural topical solution, but more studies are needed to determine if there are benefits to ingesting this plant.



Thistle do nicely for a bewitching flower! With a multitude of spikes and pokers, thistles serve well as a unique soft lavender and green cut addition to many flower arrangements. Thistles can also be grown in our area as a perennial plant, one that deer and other wild munchers avoid!



Lurking in our greenhouse is the exotic Pencil Cactus, named for its upright, rolled branches. Not everyone can own a Pencil Cactus, as the sap flowing within the plant is extremely poisonous. Care must be taken when pruning this plant to not encounter the sap, especially never in the eyes. If cared for properly and with caution, it is a beautiful plant to own.



Orange flowers tower over the spider-like foliage of this succulent, making it perfect for the Halloween season. Another one of those plants where the flower spikes magically appear!



Spider mums… so bewitchingly beautiful and fun to see! Football mums and these are classic old-school flowers of Fall.



Remember the Total Eclipse in August? This Gerbera daisy is a reminder of the spooky half-light that was witnessed by so many with eyes to the skies. A natural ring encircles the dark eye of this cut daisy flower. Enchantingly beautiful.



Haunting the greenhouse is a spectacular orchid plant with orange spots and yellow fangs. Its spots and dots are mesmerizing like clouds in the sky. Look closely, what do you see?



Bright, cheerful ombre colors are painted by Mother Nature on this exciting Bromeliad bloom. How does she do it? Nature can be a mysterious woman indeed!

About the Author: jane