Blatz Condominium Plants

Did you know that Planteriors of Wisconsin is Waukesha Floral’s plant rental division?  It’s true!  Planteriors rents, sells and maintains tropical interior plants for businesses, homes, schools and any building that can enjoy the benefits of greenery and enhanced air quality that tropical plants bring.  One of Planteriors’ accounts is the new Blatz Condominium building in Milwaukee.  Here are some pictures of the beautiful plants in their welcoming lobby.

Blatz Building and Spring 2015 010

A tall draceana marginata with a base of assorted green mosses

Blatz Building and Spring 2015 011

A modern look is achieved with rows of chinese evergreen plants

Blatz Building and Spring 2015 001

Bromeliads, philodendron, mosses, river rocks in bright orange bowls add color and life!


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