Christmas Gifts Born in the USA

The season of holiday giving can be a socially conscious time of shopping for items that are born in the USA.  Here are some highlights of items we have at Waukesha Floral that were made in the United States (and several very close to home in Wisconsin).

Root Candles have been made in Ohio since 1869.  The Amos Ives Root Company is considered the “First Family of Beekeeping” in the USA, and to this day, uses about 5% of beeswax produced in this country each year.  Their candles are premium quality with beautiful scents and packaging, and have a very loyal fan base.  This year, we are featuring their “Shimmer Candles” for the holidays, with scents like Scotch Pine, Tobacco Wreath and Cinnamon Clove.  Of course Bayberry and Hollyberry are also available (Bayberry in tapers too).


Christmas cacti are a favorite gift.  They are easy to care for and are quite reliable when it comes to bloom time.  Our Christmas cacti come from the wonderfully tropical state of Florida, indicating their light should be very bright and humidity high if possible.  Our Christmas cacti show a little more color in their buds each day…


Stoney Creek is a decorative lighting company based here in Wisconsin.  We are carrying a variety of really pretty giftable lights for the winter months, easily plugged in so no batteries are required!

IMG_4507 IMG_4506

Our poinsettia plants are grown right here on site from tiny little seedlings.  You can’t get more local than these.


Mandle candles are made by the ECO candle company in Appleton, Wisconsin.  These are termed “1% soy and 99% testosterone”, made with scents just for men.  How about “Packer Backer” or “Carnivore” for dad this year?  Great little candles in manly tins, designed and manufactured very close to home.


Mona Lisa

This is Mona Lisa, the mascot of Eco Candles, and the lunch room supervisor!

Blooming plants are also procured from Milwaukee based greenhouses. Here is a crop of pretty little cyclamen plants.  The petals are sometimes compared to delicate butterflies–aren’t they remarkable?!


Abdallah candy is made just to the west of us in the great state of Minnesota.  Try some reindeer noses or food for a stocking stuffer.


Reindeer Noses

Miriam at Unique Sentiments in Brookfield, WI sells these beautiful, handmade greeting cards for the holiday season and year-around.  We also carry a nice line of hand-made enclosure cards that add a very special personal touch to your floral delivery.



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