Easter Bloomers Are Here!

Easter is fast approaching this Sunday!  My friend Vula from Sunset Family Restaurant reminded me yesterday that Greek Orthodox Easter is still 4 weeks away.  Maybe they will be fortunate enough to have beautiful flowers blooming outdoors at their Easter, but Easter this weekend?  Probably not.  Waukesha Floral is stocked with bloomers, fresh flowers and arrangements to make your home look like spring this weekend.  Stop by and see what’s blooming!

Easter 2016 001

Grape hyacinth are harbingers of Spring! These beauties can be planted outdoors into your garden – but they can be aggressive.

Easter 2016 003

These tulips are just peeking out of their striated leaves. This is a plant that can also go outdoors – and those pretty leaves will return year after year, as well as the pretty flowers.

Easter 2016 004

Tiny daffodils plants are perfect for a small centerpiece. They are also spring bulbs and may be planted outdoors.

Easter 2016 005

The ‘Easter Egg’ chrysanthemum has yellow, pink, white and orange flowers planted together for a nice rainbow effect.

Easter 2016 008

These hydrangea plants are beautiful! The trick is to not let them dry out – keep them watered for long lasting blooms.

Easter 2016 006

Calendivia is a cousin to the kalanchoe plants. Double petals, stocky flowers makes it a perfect choice. Unlike the hydrangea, these plants can go a little dry and still be perfect.

Easter 2016 009

Long lasting orchid plants are available in a range of colors from a light green to white, pink and purple. Maybe a nice change from the Easter Lily this year?

Easter 2016 012

These bloomers are waiting to go to church this weekend. Waukesha Floral is happy to coordinate with our local churches to provide a beautiful display for their places of worship.

Easter 2016 013

Snapped this pictures of a little bunny holding a pink egg of pink flowers!

Easter 2016 011

Our littlest plants are stretching – they seem to get bigger every day!

Easter 2016 014

Really pretty pastel carnations. Their spicy scent and long lasting nature make them a nice centerpiece flower.


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