Easy Floral Arrangements from Your Garden

This time of year is perfect to create your own easy floral arrangements from your garden.  I enjoyed a short walk around Waukesha Floral and found many pretty things in bloom.  It’s easy, let me take you through step by step:

Gather your materials:

  • A clean bucket with water
  • A sharp scissors or knife
  • Clean vase filled with fresh water
  • Scotch tape is often handy
  • A towel for spills or to spin around with when your creation is complete!

Here’s some tips on perennials to use for a cutting garden, and annuals to plant for cut flower arrangements.



I found this pretty Russian Sage. The bees were loving it too. With a sharp scissors, I cut a stem below the flowers and put it into my water-filled bucket.




Green, shaggy hydrangea flowers have changed over the summer from white. These will look great as a base for the flower arrangement. Remember to choose a variety of shapes and textures of flowers – line, round and spray flowers.



Pretty pink and white Cosmos were planted from seed in front of Waukesha Floral. I love the happy flowers and ferny foliage.



Yellow perennial Yarrow flowers are a great choice for a pop of color.



These perennial Coneflowers have lost their petals, but the shape and texture is still nice for the flower arrangement.



Finally, a nice line can be made with the wheat-like flowers of ornamental Karl Forester grass.



Fill your vase with clean water and make a “grid” with scotch tape across the opening, if you think it is too large. This will make arranging very easy.



Submerge your freshly cut flowers underwater for a few minutes. You will eliminate any hitch-hiking bugs and hydrate the flowers so they last longer.



I began by placing three hydrangea, cut shorter, into the base of my arrangement. I added the Russian Sage for height. Remember to clip the stems on an angle just before putting them into fresh water, and always remove any leaves that would be below the water line to prevent bacteria.



After adding my lily pods, I grouped the Coneflower heads in one spot, and the yarrow in another. I love lots of textures and colors together.



Lastly, I added the graceful Cosmos and a little of the grass flowers to fill any empty space between the purple sage and green Hydrangea. A little taste of our garden for indoors! To keep fresh, you may wish to re-cut the stems, or just make a new arrangement in a few days.


I hope you enjoy making easy floral arrangements from your garden.  Remember, every arrangement is your own work of art, there are no rules, so be creative and enjoy!

About the Author: jane