Fairy Gardening

 Have you heard of fairy gardens?  The first time I heard about these miniature gardens was 15 years ago.  I was on a trip and a lady from Ohio asked if this type of gardening was popular in Wisconsin.  I had not heard of it, but she sent me information about outdoor fairy gardening… make miniature gardens to attract those seldom-seen little sprites!

15 years have passed, and it seems like indoor fairy gardens are enjoying lots of popularity these days.  Miniature tropical plants are used as the basis and the gardens are kept inside in our cool weather.  Small accessories are added, like the wheelbarrows, miniature fences and Adirondack furniture.  These are perfect for a small space and require little care, except for keeping the plants in their ideal miniature form.  What you put in the fairy garden is limited only by your imagination!

Guess what?  The fairies have visited Waukesha Floral’s greenhouse and planted a few gardens here!  If you’re looking for a fun little hobby or an unusual gift, consider the fairy garden.  We recommend them for anyone age 6-106!

About the Author: imaadmin