Fairy Gardens for Mom

 As you start to think about Mother’s Day (May 12), consider giving her one of the hottest plant gifts in town, a miniature or “fairy” garden!

Here are just a few we have in the greenhouse (with more being planned for next week…. we know the fairies’ planting schedule).

Fun for small spaces and perfect for everyone from Grandma to the little ones, these small gardens are made with miniature mosses, palms, ivy, polka dot plants, baby tears and accessorized with rosebuds, troughs, wheelbarrows, tiny baskets of laundry, fences and willow chairs…. all for the delight of the fairies.

It is said that the fairies will tend the gardens at night, or when you are out, so you don’t have to.  We still recommend a little water and trimming occasionally.

Order by phone or stop by to see what the fairies have concocted!  These mini gardens generally range in price from around $39-$69.

About the Author: jane