Focus on Poinsettias!

A friend recently sent this exerpt from an article she was reading in FIRST for Women:

For a fast way to shake off the mental fuzziness that always tends to set in on jam-packed days, stare at something red (like a poinsettia, Christmas-tree ornament of festive tablecloth) for about 1 minute. That’s all it takes to sharpen your brainpower and increase stamina levels, according to a study at the University of Rochester in New York. Researchers explain that focusing on the bright holiday hue increases the production of energizing brain waves, helping you feel clearheaded and alert in no time.

She said that since Waukesha Floral is filled with beautiful red poinsettias at this time of the year, we should be extremely clear-headed and happy this time of year! 

Clear your head on a jam-packed day by stopping at Waukesha Floral.  We have plenty of red poinsettias for you to stare at!

_MG_5367  Oh, and here’s a picture of Marty and Jane from the Art’s Cameras photo weekend.  The stage is still set for amateur photographers to stop and take a holiday photo!


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