Hanging Basket Care for Gorgeous Flowers

Maybe you received a hanging basket for Mother’s Day, or you will purchase one for your yard.   A few simple tips will keep those beautiful flowering baskets looking great throughout the summer.

  • Choose the right plants for where they will live!  North or East exposures require shade loving plants, such as begonias or impatiens.  If the plant will get half-day morning sun, choose a shade-loving plant.  Full sun such as a South or West exposure, requires plants that use less water like geraniums and petunias.
  • Choose the right container!  Plastic pots are better at holding the water, while moss pots encourage roots to grow but may need additional watering.
  • Water!  Daily watering is essential during hot spells or if the plant is in a windy location.  If you see the flowers drooping, you know they need a drink.
  • Fertilize!   Use fertilizer containing a higher middle number – such as 10-20-10 – is ideal to keep the flowers blooming all summer.  Fertilize every week or two.
  • Deadhead!  Take those wilted flowers off plants with large flowers–geraniums and standard petunias–to encourage more bloom.  If you have no time for this step, choose self-deadheading flowers such as mini petunias or chenille plants.
  • Keep vines under control!  If you have a basket with sweet potato, German ivy or other aggressive vines, keep the fines trimmed away from the flowering plants.  Vines can be soil hogs if you let them!

Click here for additional tips direct from Marty.  Our greenhouse is bursting with color!  For more information about hanging basket selection or care, stop by during the week from 8 am to 6 pm, or Sundays from 9 am to 3 pm.


Choose a plastic hanging basket to keep water close to the roots all summer. Geraniums are great for sunny spots.


These begonias are planted through the sides of the paper mache type pots. By the end of summer, there will probably be no container showing.


Mike is in the greenhouse getting a beautiful red begonia hanging basket for a customer.



Geraniums require deadheading to stay beautiful. Make sure to pick the stem of the flower off from the base of the plant.



Natural cone basket adds interest to this hanging basket, plus oxygen to the roots.


Need something fairly fool-proof? Try a succulent hanging basket and leave water worries behind!

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