A Floral Family Journal — Hannah and Matt’s Wedding Story ♥

You may have run into Hannah at Waukesha Floral at one time or another.  She has worked at open houses, in the greenhouse, delivering weddings, and midnight wedding pick-ups. She’s the daughter of Marty and Jane, and a few years back, found her future husband Matt through a dating site. There’s a wedding in the near future, and we thought it would be interesting to see the progression of this big day from a florist’s point of view.  Although Hannah is not in the floral business for her 9-5 job, she is certainly aware of the trends and what she likes in flowers.  And Matt is too, as he loves lilies (which tickle Hannah’s allergies!).  We invite you to follow along, and see where this goes!

Entry One — The Proposal

Their First Date — Matt and Hannah’s first date was at The Gingerbread house in Muskego, WI, and ended up being one of the best days ever. They chatted alongside a whole flock of funny-looking chickens, sipping on drinks and indulging in scrumptious muffins. Before they knew it, three hours had passed and they had turned a shade of red from baking in the sun. After Hannah returned to Waukesha, she texted Matt that she “smiled all the way home” and that’s no lie.

Adventure is Out There — Over the past three and a half years, Matt and Hannah have scuba dived, skydived, traveled internationally, and enjoyed being a tourist in their own city. Travel is a passion for both of them and they are lucky to have families that have similar values.


The Proposal — A Labor Day 2019 hike at Lapham Peak in Kettle Moraine, WI turned into a day they will never forget. The weather was perfect and Matt decided to pop the question by the observation tower. He scoped out a couple to “take our picture” and whispered to them that it was set to video and all they needed to do was press play. As Hannah set Rocco down, Matt promptly got down on one knee and asked if Hannah would “hike together forever”. Of course, she said, “YES!”

Screen Shot 2020-10-24 at 11.35.24 AM

Entry Two — It Begins!

Matt proposed to Hannah on Labor Day, 2019, and then came the list of things to be done immediately.  Including the date of the wedding, the location, the number of guests, the attendants, the dresses, the suits, the cake, the officiant, the music, the transportation…and of course all this being driven by THE BUDGET!   Hannah and mom Jane, Maid of Honor Casey, and cousin Peyton took a day and looked at 7 venues.  All were different, all were beautiful with varying prices, minimum numbers of guests, layouts, caterer or their own kitchen, casual or elegant, new or well established.  Hannah and crew decided on The Red Circle Inn that day.  The Red Circle has served our family for various events and parties through the years, and we thought it would best accommodate a guest list of 175 and also would be a nice venue for an autumn ceremony.

Next on the list was finding the wedding dress!  We chose Vera’s Bridal in Madison from the recommendations of other family members, and we were not disappointed with the number of dresses available and their customer service.  Here’s a picture of Hannah in a beautiful gown… spoiler alert!  This is not the final choice!  (We can’t have Matt peaking until Oct. 24th of 2020).    The dress was ordered in January, and Hannah was told to wait  4-6 months until it arrived…. From China…. Before we knew anything about COVID-19….

Hannah Dress(1)

Entry 3 — Love in the Time of Coronavirus

July was full of sunshine and warm temps on the afternoon of Hannah’s bridal shower, given by her Maid of Honor, Casey.  As COVID continued, the shower was held in Casey’s mother’s yard, outdoors, and socially distanced with masks worn as much as possible.  Lemons figured prominently in the shower theme, and certainly, Casey made lemonade out of a somewhat sour time, health-wise.

Hannah tried out her “wedding hair” which was a messy low bun, topped by white and yellow flowers on a comb.  Centerpieces featured yellow and white flowers in cubes, including fresh lemons.

The day was topped off by a visit from Matt, appearing as “her main squeeze” in a lemon costume!

Hannah Shower 2

Entry 4 — Invitations & Restrictions

Time to choose a videographer!  We can’t let Hannah and Matt’s wedding go by without some great video, and this is the person selected by the couple.  Check out some of these great videos of recent weddings.

“Save the Dates” were sent out in February… before lockdowns and quarantines and not knowing if your wedding can still go on…

And this brings Hannah and Matt to the time to send invitations.  Every venue has had to make accommodations for mandates and what they think will be best for their customers and staff, and the Red Circle Inn was no different.  From a guest list of 175, the magic number of people allowed to celebrate in person was trimmed to 100, including vendors.  What to do?  You want everyone you told to “save the date” to be at your wedding.  But the reality is, not everyone is able to gather due to health concerns, age, circumstances beyond their control.  Invitations were sent, but so were un-invitations.



Entry 5 — Flower Prep!

The favorite part of the wedding is choosing flowers and decorations for the big day!  Mom Jane and Dad Marty visited our local Milwaukee wholesale florist to choose what we think are elegant, faded gold glassware in a coordinated look.  From footed compotes to bubble-rimmed candle cups, gold pillars with ivory candles, we set the tone for an elegant fall look.   The attendants’ dresses will be jewel tones, and the flowers will reflect those colors but not match perfectly.  Next post:  Hannah and Matt’s Wedding: There are aunts in the greenhouse!

Hannah and Matt Archway

Entry 6 — There Are Aunts In The Greenhouse

A lovely afternoon shower was held for Hannah at Waukesha Floral & Greenhouse on a Sunday in September.  It included quite a few aunts, cousins, and friends and featured lots of flowers, including a teacup arrangement that guests were able to assemble and take home.  The food featured HAM, which is one of Hannah’s favorites, endive salad, fruit kabobs, chips, drinks, and a delicious chocolate cake!  The bride to be was showered with gifts and well wishes from her family.  Did you know there are very few bridal shower cards to choose from?  Hannah received 6 of the same card!

#1:  Hannah’s delicious cake!
#2:  Hannah’s Maid of Honor Casey reading Bridal Mad Libs
#3:  Guests make teacup arrangements
#4:  Masks were used, tables socially distanced!
#5:  Waxflower and spray roses await teacups.
#6:  Teacups to fill with flowers.
#7:  Hannah’s Aunts prepare lunch
#8:  Hannah with Aunt Diane and Aunt Karen at Waukesha Floral.

Hannah Shower#2

Entry 7 — The Flowers Are Arriving!

Preparations are underway for the flowers for Hannah and Matt’s wedding this Saturday!  Denise has been busy making lists and ordering flowers, berries, greenery, willow, and lots more.  The plan is to have a beautiful mix of fall colors, textures, shapes, and sizes, and judging by these pictures, that’s exactly what is coming into the shop!

  • A bright orange lily kissed with cinnamon
  • Exotic foliages
  • “Moody Blues” roses, still in their packaging
  • Pampas grass
  • Scabiosa pods
  • Raspberry Scabiosa
  • Hanging Amaranthus and Cymbidium orchids
  • Seeded Eucalyptus

Hannah & Matt Wedding Flowers1

Hannah & Matt Wedding Flowers6

Entry 8 — Flower Prep!

It’s day two of flower prep for Hannah and Matt’s wedding this Saturday!

  • Beth caresses each rose, removing extra leaves and giving them a fresh cut.  Roses are put into buckets of water containing preservatives and left out to open, revealing their full beauty.
  • Purple lisianthus has a deep jewel tone color with bright green buds and stems, spectacular!
  • Thistle flowers in a pretty purple-blue tone
  • “Moody Blue” roses are beginning to open.

A lot of pre-planning goes into each and every wedding order at Waukesha Floral! Whether it is our daughter or yours, we always do it with love.

Hannah & Matt Wedding Flowers11

Entry 9 — The Shop Is Abuzz!

Waukesha Floral is all abuzz with the designing of flowers for Hannah & Matt’s wedding tomorrow!  All of our designers are working on a part of the wedding, designing what they think is best and using their creative skills.

Hannah & Matt Wedding Flowers20

Meanwhile, at the reception, a memorial table is set, agate slices as place cards are being set out, candles unwrapped and the vases prepared.  It will be gorgeous!

Hannah & Matt Wedding Flowers18

Entry 10 — The Ceremony

We cannot wait to share Hannah & Matt’s wedding video once it is complete. Thank you for being part of our Waukesha Floral & Greenhouse family!

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