Hope Springs Eternal with Tough Cacti and Succulents

During the cold and monochromatic days of winter, we all need a little green hope!  Turn to the sturdy cacti and succulents to show us how nature adapts to adversity and gives plants the ability to regrow.  Our featured picture shows some succulent leaves that were removed from cut plants when placed in a floral bouquet.  These rubbery leaves were put into shallow potting mix and watered lightly.  As you see, we have a nice crop of little babies that grew from those leaves, sending their shallow roots down to make a new plant.  We will let them continue to grow until they can be safely taken from the “mother leaf” and planted into their own container.  Did you receive a flower arrangement with a tiny succulent or ivy?  Why not take that shoot and try to propagate some roots.  Succulents just need a small bit of soil; an ivy plant may sprout with a fresh cut and a bottle of water.



Blog Food 2.17.16 037

This succulent knows Spring is around the corner – with a tiny shoot of yellow blooms stretching towards the sun.  Blog Food 2.17.16 039

This sturdy old cactus had a terrible accident in which the top was broken off…  allowing a nice green side shoot to grow up next to the scarred top.  Nature does have a way to ensure rebirth and renewal.  Nothing’s going to keep this cactus down.

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