Hot Wedding Flowers for 2018

What’s hot in wedding flowers?  It’s not the same clutch of roses and hydrangea as in the past!  Although many traditional flowers still take center stage, think lots of greenery, wildflowers, unstructured bouquets and unusual flowers like Protea and succulents.  A recent post in Bride’s gives more details and 35 pictures of what they predict will be popular in 2018.  We know the Midwest is often slow to pick up on national trends, however we have seen more of a wild look in table runners, trellis and decorating.  Eucalyptus, especially the “seeded” variety is popular for its texture and shimmery muted green color.  The wildflower style works well with the trend to marry in a repurposed space such as a barn, loft or even a backyard or park.  It looks like you gathered the flowers together in your arms, when we know that it takes a skilled professional designer to pull this look off with success.  To talk with one of our floral consultants, please give us a call for a free appointment:  262-542-8152.



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