Howl At Home Celebration Guide


Join us in a socially distanced at-home howl at the moon!

We will miss all our ladies at Howl at the Moon this year, but due to circumstances have decided not to howl in person. The event, unfortunately, has been called off for this season … we all know why. But we’re still thinking of you!


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Your Howl At The Moon Home-Celebration Guide

DATES: October 3 & 31
TIME: 4:06 pm or after
WHERE: Your Home

We will miss celebrating with you, but here are five tips for creating an in-home Howl at the Moon celebration this month:

  1. Order yourself or one of your “best buds” fresh fall flowers to celebrate.
  2. Schedule a video call or phone chat with a friend.
  3. Text a video of you howling to a close friend.
  4. Enjoy a fun video from our Waukesha Floral’s Howl archives below!
  5. Howl virtually or in the safety of your own home while drinking wine and eating chocolates. 

Make sure on the 3rd or 31st of October, when we’ve got that full moon, that you’re howling up at the sky! We’ll be listening for your right here at Waukesha Floral.


  • Teleflora’s Autumn Colors Bouquet
  • Teleflora’s Enchanted Harvest Bouquet
  • Teleflora’s Hello Autumn Bouquet
  • Teleflora’s Fields Of Fall Bouquet

Missing your best buds? Watch this replay of our 2018 Howl at the Moon “Wheel of Flowers” game!


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Feeling disappointed and need a smile? Join Marty and Waukesha Floral’s customer Dr. Amy deliver flowers while singing favorite floral songs!


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Two Opportunities to Howl This Month!

You have two opportunities to howl! October is a “Blue Moon” month with two full moons.

The first full will cycle will begin on Thursday afternoon, Oct. 1, 2020, appearing “opposite” the Sun (in Earth-based longitude) at 4:06 p.m. The Moon will appear full for about three days around this time, from Wednesday morning through Saturday morning. As the full moon closest to the autumnal equinox (the end of summer and start of fall), this is the Harvest Moon.

The second, a so-called “Blue Moon,” occurs on October 31st. In recent years, people have been using the name Blue Moon for the second of two full moons in a single calendar month!

According to NASA, “As usual, the wearing of suitably celebratory celestial attire is encouraged in honor of the full Moon. And you might want to consider celebrating the harvest; enjoying a mooncake; visiting your hometown, parents, and in-laws (observing appropriate social distancing, of course).” <— AND we’d add howling at the moon to the list!

Howl with us on Friday and October 31st!

Save The Date

Join us at our annual Holiday Open House, November 7 & 8! We’ll be social distancing … a little COVID Christmas, but we hope you’ll join us!



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