Hydrangeas are Here!

Hydrangea plants in vibrant blue and pink are here for the spring flower season!  Everyone enjoys seeing the masses of blooms atop the large-leaved plants for a sea of blue and pink.  Hydrangea like to have their roots in moist soil and prefer bright indirect light over direct sun.  The type of hydrangea you find in our greenhouse will be a little different than at the nursery.  We grow the large-leaf variety that performs well in an interior setting, but there are over 23 different varieties available to suit many outdoor locations.  The color of the hydrangea is predicted by the alkalinity of the soil they are grown in… the blue flowers are produced in acidic soil, whereas the pink blooms are produced in a more alkaline soil.  Most of the hydrangea outdoors in our area bloom white, unless you experiment with either an acidic or alkaline based fertilizer added to the surrounding soil. This could be a fun experiment to try!

About the Author: jane