Improve Your Office with These Simple Changes

Each year we celebrate Administrative Professional’s Week to thank special people who bring us joy at work. However, we can think about how to improve our work environments every day of the year.   After all, so much of our time is spent in the same cubicle or office. Progressive businesses have figured out that creating a space with flowers fosters creativity and happier employees. In a study by Texas A&M, a strong link was found between flowers, plants and workplace productivity.

  • Problem solving skills improve substantially in workplaces that include flowers and plants.
  • Both men and women who work in spaces with flowers and plants demonstrate more innovative thinking.
  • When flowers and plants are present, men generate a greater abundance of ideas, while women generate more creative, flexible solutions to problems.
  • Smart businesses take the small steps to make their employees happier and more productive.  Flowers and plants do much more than just beautify the office – they can be a workplace reward that actually provides benefits back to the company.
  • Flowers boost moods and increase life satisfaction and enjoyment.
  • Plants help to filter toxins from the air and improve oxygen levels in the work environment.

Many of our customers love the benefits of fresh plants and flowers in their work spaces.  Did you know that Waukesha Floral has a plant maintenance division to help you choose the perfect plants for your office or home? Our technicians are skilled at keeping plants looking great and providing your office with beautiful green and colorful plants.  Check out our Planteriors website and contact us for more information on improving your space for more creativity and life enjoyment.


Philodendron in a modern, recycled wood planter. Improve the oxygen level with many types of green plants.


Succulents add beauty and interest to a modern office space in Wauwatosa.


You can improve a relaxing space in the workplace with tropical plants and green mosses.

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