Instead of Red Geraniums…



Vow to use something besides RED geraniums in your yard this year!  There are many other plants available in RED (or pink or orange)  to try instead.  Here are a few!

Featured is a BEE-U-T-FUL white Dahlia with a bright pink edge (photo by Kathy Wampner).  Dahlias are reliable bloomers all season when grown in the sun, and the tubers can be replanted next year.  Another pretty and dainty plant is the miniature double petunia with flowers the size of large cherries.   For a shadier area, try planting a mass of red sunshine impatiens… gorgeous!  For a tall option, orange daisies stretch to the sun.  For something really different, try a chenille plant with its red pendulous flowers that look like caterpillars!


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