LOL – Love Our Lilies!

We know, LOL – Laugh Out Loud… except at Waukesha Floral, where it stands for Love Our Lilies!  And we do!  Lilies are not only for sympathy, they are used every day as a beautiful focal flower, which can be long lasting when cut with a sharp knife and placed in a vase of water to open.

Festival of Flowers 2016 063

Here, Kristy presents a double “wow” arrangement… including a cylinder vase of full size calla lilies with bear grass and river rocks supporting a lovely lily arrangement.  The cyclinder vase is pretty on it’s own, and the top arrangement would also be wonderful as a table centerpiece, but together the two pieces make a  “wow” arrangement!  Let’s look at some of the flowers included in this arrangement…

Festival of Flowers 2016 2 015

Full size calla lilies are used in the cylinder vase – they come in a creamy white or a green color and really make a statement.  Callas are free of scent and have the most wonderful, sturdy stems.

Festival of Flowers 2016 2 010

Mini calla lilies come in several colors and are popular in bridal bouquets and boutonnieres.  The beautiful colors just can’t be beat.

Festival of Flowers 2016 2 011

Asiatic lilies are brightly colored and beautiful.  We remove the pollen from the stamens for longevity and cleanliness!

Festival of Flowers 2016 2 012

Oriental lilies are often fragrant and large.  The most popular are white and pink… we love the frilly edges.  Did you know that lilies open from the bottom up?  Make sure to buy lilies that still have some buds to open.

Festival of Flowers 2016 2 013

Peruvian Lilies are also called Alstroemeria.  If you lived in Chile, these would be a beautiful perennial that flowers in the winter.  These little beauties are long lasting, hardy, and fun to enjoy indoors for several weeks.  You may want to buy them closed… they look wimpy at first but will open to a stunning display.


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