Meet our Friendly Delivery Men!

Art has been a part of the Waukesha Floral family for sixteen years and many people know him from his Mufflers & Pipes days or from his championship bowling form.  He’s a wonderful bocci player and a real detective when it comes to tracking down correct addresses for us.   Art enjoys following sports, especially the Milwaukee Brewers.  We are so fortunate to have Art as our head delivery man!

Mike is newer to the staff, and with his quiet demeanor and stick-to-it delivery sense, he is perfect as a part-time employee.  These days, we see Mike carrying bags of dirt for us or helping out in the greenhouse too.  He is always willing to tackle any task we ask, and with a smile.  He loves to talk about his large family, grandchildren, and his days in the heating oil delivery business.  Another genuinely good guy to work with… we’re so fortunate!


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