Meet Your Plant Tech, Tim

Meet Tim, our knowledgeable “plant guy” who, on a weekly basis, travels to homes and businesses to maintain and care for interior tropical plants.  Tim loves all plants, and has worked for Planteriors for over 5 years to provide the utmost degree of professional interiorscapes for our clients.  I recently asked him to write a few lines about what he likes most (and least) about his job.





What Tim likes the most:

  • Flexible schedule
  • Company car is provided, as well as shirts and jackets
  • Good benefits (and the plants don’t talk back much)
  • Wonderful bosses (hmm… I hope they read this)
  • Manageable stress
  • Products are usually available or can be obtained fairly easily (such as replacement plants)

Tim’s challenges:

  • Accounts that don’t really care about their plants
  • Working in some adverse interior conditions to maintain beautiful plants
  • Holiday work weeks and figuring out what days offices will be closed and juggling my schedule to maintain all the plants that week
  • Challenging traffic situations

Tim’s victories:

  • Communicating with our clients and letting them know how much I care about their environment.
  • Working with existing clients to better their environment with plant suggestions.
  • Building trust with clients.  For instance, I may have to harshly prune a tree in order for it to come back better and stronger.  My clients must have a trust in me that I know what I am doing to benefit their plants and interiorscape.

There really isn’t anything that I don’t like about my job.  I love what I do and love that people appreciate their “plant guy” taking care of their environments.

Thanks Tim… you are Planteriors’ and Waukesha Floral’s favorite Plant Guy!



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