More Succulent Wedding Flower Pictures

Beautiful bride!

 We love this picture of our bride with our succulent-filled bouquet!  Her pretty flowers also featured orchids, freesia, seeded eucalyptus and leucadendron.  Here are more pictures from her reception which had three table looks – cylinder vases with submerged flowers, greenery and floating candles; low arrangements of various shades of green (see if you can spot the artichokes) and tall arrangements on clear glass pilsner vases.  Splits of champagne in green bottles and butter pats on lemon leaves carried the green them across all the tables nicely!

Cylinder vases with green flowers and
floating candles

Low table arrangements with a mix of succulents, orchids,
eucalyptus and artichokes
The head table arrangement with its cascading hindu rope,
grasses, bells of Ireland, orchids, eucalyptus and more
Tall arrangements with a palette of greens
of every shade

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