New Annuals for 2016

Preview the new varieties of annual flowers growing in our greenhouse for you:

Sunpatiens Pink

SunPatiens are a new type of impatiens that thrive in heat and sun! With bold colors, they provide beauty from spring to frost.

Beaucoup Red Begonia

Beaucamp Red Begonia will thrive in sun or shade. Mounds of red flowers, and self-cleaning!


SummerLovers Calendula maritima has eye-catching, bright yellow flowers. The form is compact for the front of the garden and makes a nice cut flower.

Trixi Combo 2016

With names like Crazy for Crayons, Gold & Bold, Berry Daring, Summer to Remember, these are fun combinations for baskets and pots, with plentiful blooms.

Trixi Red White Blue

Trixi plants are grown to be perfect together – they do not compete for space or water, but live happily side by side.

Salvia Blazin Purple

Salvia Ablazin Purple is a beauty! It adapts to sun or shade, is heat tolerant, deer resistant and has a great purple color.

Rex Begonia

Shadow King Pink Rex Begonia has the most beautiful leaves, with a great shape. This plant mixes well with flowers and loves the shade.

Fuchsia Windchimes

Fuchsia “Windchimes” is an elegant, long-season display of showy blooms. It likes part shade and is great for all kinds of containers.

Yellow Begonia

“Illumination Lemon” Tuberous Begonia has huge, knock-out yellow blooms and will take part shade. It’s self-cleaning and drought tolerant.


Yes, we grow our plants right here at Waukesha Floral! We help from our suppliers, we use tiny plants with small roots called “plugs”, add our premium soil and give them lots of TLC.

Trixi Pastel

Trixi Plants in a pink-red-purple palette. You’ll find these in pots and hanging baskets in our greenhouse.

Bedding Plants 2016 003

Great Balls of Fire Burgundy Blaze Ivy Geranium – loves the sun, tolerates the heat and is spectacular!

Bedding Plants 2016 004

These blue and purple spring Ladyslippers are great for the shade and have a wonderful color and vein structure.


Bedding Plants 2016 001

Martha Washington geraniums are in full blooms. Just $12.99 for a pot of two.


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