Non Traditional Sympathy Expressions

PGA - Sympathy 024



PGA - Sympathy 023

Wind chimes can be sent to a funeral. Many funeral homes have stands available for use, and we can suggest ways to hang the wind chime at the church or funeral home.

PGA - Sympathy 022

Up close look at the wind chime clapper

PGA - Sympathy 021

Our Aqua Flame candles combine the glow of a candle with the soothing sound of water.

PGA - Sympathy 025

Small stained glass lamps and stained glass cross lights are thoughtful gestures and a useful keepsake.

Waukesha Floral is your source for non-traditional sympathy pieces, such as this beautiful angel with a base of pink and white permanent flowers.  Wind chimes are also a popular choice.  With inspirational sayings, the bereaved can have a gentle reminder of their loved one, each time the wind blows.  Some people choose a beautiful candle and candleholder to set within their arrangement and provide a keepsake for a family member.  Stained glass crosses or plaques with inspirational sayings are also beautiful with flowers

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