Not Just for Grandma

African Violet plants are thought of as rather old fashioned, but they can be the perfect start for the novice interior gardener.  The newer varieties tend to have bolder, brighter colors and a wide variety of petal types, from straight to ruffled, single to double or semi-double and even fringed.  Plants range in size from about 6″ across to more than 16″, perfect for a small space like a windowsill or desktop.  They like a bright location and the more humidity the better! Here is an African violet that is cozy-ing up to a fern and miniature palm plant.  It’s planted in a glass dish with rocks and potting soil mix that will need to be water weekly.  Like a terrarium, the closed shape of the glass container should help to conserve some of the water and provide more humidity for the plants.

About the Author: imaadmin