Get Lost in Our Captivating Field of Dreams

Waukesha Floral Greenhouse

At Waukesha Floral & Greenhouse, you can find everything you want and more in our spectacular greenhouse. We have a colorful field of plants and flowers to pick from, including hanging baskets, container gardens, terrariums and more. Not sure what you want? Come explore with us! We’d love to show you around our greenhouse and explain all the different varieties—and how to care for them at home.

Prepping Flowers for Healthy Growth and Blooming

Our freshly-picked flowers arrive at Waukesha Floral in professional packaging to keep them fresh and prevent damage. They are carefully unpacked before we prep and store them in our refrigerated cooler. Initial flower prep is important for the longevity of your flowers—here’s how we do it.

We start by removing any foliage and leaves from the stems, and then trim them on an angle under water. This leaves moisture on the stem instead of air which can prevent your flowers from taking in water. Next, we inspect every bloom and remove the guard (outer) petals which protect the exquisite interior flower head.

When you get your flowers home, we highly recommend that you place them in a clean vase filled with room temperature water and flower food. A food solution hydrates your flowers and prevents bacteria growth, which can clog the stems and prevent them from soaking up water. Give your flowers fresh water and re-trim them every other day to keep them healthy. With these tips, your flowers will be looking gorgeous for weeks to come!

Eye-Catching Hanging Baskets to Bring Dimension and Color to Your Outdoor Space

When spring time comes around, you’ll find our greenhouse brimming with up to 75 gorgeous varieties of plastic and moss hanging baskets and flower pouches. There are so many ways you can decorate your outdoor space—that’s why it’s important to note which floral and plant varieties will grow better in direct sun or shade.

When buying a fertilizer for your baskets, choose high phosphorous-based blends because the mineral promotes flowering. One of our sayings to help you remember this is “phosphorous flowers fruit”—the higher the phosphorous number, the more “fruit” (flowers) your plant will produce. Fertilizers come with three numbers on the package, for example: 10-10-10. You want to pick a fertilizer that has a higher middle number (phosphorous) than the other two numbers (nitrogen and potassium respectively), so that the nutrients and energy will promote a higher production of flowers. In no time at all, you’ll have full, blooming hanging baskets that last all summer long. And remember, you can always ask a member of our team for a recommendation.

Flowers and Plants Through the Looking Glass

Add a unique touch to your home or office with a charming terrarium, which is glass container that houses flowers or plants, called “microclimates” because of the naturally humid conditions inside the glass. They make an easy, eclectic centerpiece for your table or decoration for any room that require minimal care. Let us help you create a beautiful terrarium in just one visit.

Start with any glass container you like. Then add gravel, large rocks and a soil that is high in bark, peat and perlite at the bottom of your container to promote drainage. Any extra water will drain down to the gravel layer where plant roots can get it as needed. Use succulents and desert-like plants, and balance with small-sized terrarium plants you can find here at Waukesha Floral.

You can use flowers to balance colors, textures and heights, and then accent with things like bamboo, wire spheres and more.

Just Try to Contain the Beauty of These Miniature Gardens

Picture your perfect container garden—or use your imagination to plant it—at Waukesha Floral. Whether you’re buying a ready-made container garden or designing your own, we offer a field of arrangements that feature different plants and flowers for a natural, rustic look.

If you’re looking to design your own, simply pick out a pot and plants, or bring in your favorite pot, and we’ll help you create your masterpiece. Our florists have an eye for container gardens and know just how to design them to complement your style. We’ll also share how to care for your container garden so it lasts all summer long.