Explore Waukesha Floral’s Greenhouse Flowers, Plants, and More

Waukesha Floral Greenhouse

When you visit Waukesha Floral & Greenhouse, you’re entering a world filled with hundreds of colorful plants and flowers. It all starts in our greenhouse. Between hanging baskets, container gardens, and other greenhouse flowers and plants, you’ll find everything you need—and more. Don’t know what you want? All you have to do is contact our experts.

Bring Dimension and Color to Your Outdoor Space

In spring, our space brims with up to 75 gorgeous varieties of plastic and moss hanging baskets and flower pouches. We offer many ways for you to decorate your outdoor space, and our team members are happy to help you pick the right mix. Be sure to note which flowers and greenhouse plants will grow better in direct sun or shade so you can select choices that will thrive based on the layout of your yard.

Quality Starts With Preparation

The high quality of our flowers and plants is directly related to how we care for them. After carefully selecting the perfect greenhouse flowers, our knowledgeable team starts caring for them the minute they arrive at our store. We unpackage, inspect, and prep our fresh-picked flowers before storing them in our cooler. This key step goes a long way to ensure you can enjoy your flowers and plants for weeks to come.

Hanging Baskets, Terrariums, Miniature Gardens, and More

At Waukesha Floral & Greenhouse, we offer charming floral arrangements to suit your style. Choose from our selection of hanging baskets to bring color to your porch or patio. Or, add a unique touch to your home or office with glass terrariums, which make an easy, eclectic centerpiece that requires minimal care. Or, maybe a ready-made container garden is more to your taste. Whether you choose a ready-made version or prefer to design your own, we offer a field of arrangements that feature different plants and flowers for a natural, rustic look.

Come Explore With Us

Visit our greenhouse today and let us show you around. Whether you want to make your own selections or need help filling your favorite pot, we’ll help you create a masterpiece that will complement your style. We’ll also teach you proper outdoor plant and flower care, so they last all summer long. For more information, call us at 262-542-8152 or contact us online.