Outdoor Plant Inspiration 2018

Oh spring, where are you?  Perhaps you need a little outdoor plant inspiration for the 2018 season.  Even though the weather hasn’t been ideal, we are on the countdown to PLANTING SEASON, with less than a month until Memorial Day.  Step into the Waukesha Floral greenhouse, and you’ll see the sunshine has been just a little bit brighter, the sun a little higher in the sky every day, and this more abundant sunshine is reflected in the growth and blooming progress in the plants.   Start drooling over these beautiful plants in our greenhouse… they could be yours with just a trip down or a phone call….

2018 Impatiens Double Tiered

Rows of hanging baskets start with a beautiful garden-style basket of bright pink impatiens. Its double tier of flowers will fill in during the summer to become a large ball of bright pink. Impatiens do well in lower light conditions.

2018 Cornucopia Basket

Cornucopias are not just for Thanksgiving! This unique grapevine hanging basket contains a variety of brightly colored tiny calibricoa (petunia-like flowers), perfect for the sun.

2018 Dahlia

Dahlias are tubers that can be saved from year to year and produce large, full flowers with a generous amount of petals. They make a great cut flower. This orange and yellow striped variety is striking!

2018 Coleus Hanging Basket Cone

Mixed coleus and vinca plants prove that not all color comes from flowers. planted in a natural twig cone basket.

2018 Martha Washington

Beautiful pink geranium in a white basket suspended by a wire daisy planter. This would make a great gift!

2018 Metal Hanging Basket with striped impatiens

Metal buckets, funnels and other antique looking containers are planted and ready for summer bloom. This bucket is suspended by chains and enhanced with the beautiful impatiens plant.

2018 Strawberry Plant

Kids love to watch these strawberry plants grow long and lush in hanging baskets in the yard. Ever-bearing and beautiful with glossy green leaves, the plant will produce berries all season.

2018 Begonia Orange

Begonias are looking beautiful this year! Try one in a shaded area of your home.

2018 Patio Planter Coleus

Pre-planted container gardens are easy, just set and water and they will enhance your yard all season long.

2018 Fuschia

Purple and pink combine in the fairytale world of the fuschia plant! These hanging baskets do well in a shady area; out of the wind and well-watered! Stop by, these will go quickly.

Mother's Day 2014 009

Stop by and visit us as soon as the weather warms up! We recommend not leaving plants outdoors until the night time temperatures exceed 50 degrees… but that will be soon. From Mother’s Day until the weekend prior to Father’s Day Waukesha Floral will be open Sundays from 9 am to 3 pm.


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