Pantone Color of the Year: Marsala

Marsala has been chosen as the Pantone Color of the Year for 2015!  It’s certainly worthwhile to click on the link to see the color and read the lush description of Marsala.  We at Waukesha Floral did not think Marsala would be much of an influence for 2015, however we did see it worn on some of The Oscar attendees and expect to see more of this color, especially as the holidays come closer.  In looking around the greenhouse, we see many plants offered that have just a touch of Marsala…

Spring 2015 Blog Food 048

The curled fronds of this Ruby-Red Spikemoss plant are just so cool! Like most mosses, they prefer consistently moist soil and lower light conditions.

Spring 2015 Blog Food 047

The Flapjack Succulent has a blush of Marsala on the rims of each leaf.

Spring 2015 Blog Food 046

Prayer Plants have Marsala colored veins. This picture shows a few florets… the leaves are definitely the crowning glory!

Spring 2015 Blog Food 044

An orchid flower has a beautiful Marsala tone. Do you notice the perfectly rimmed petals in white?

Spring 2015 Blog Food 043

This bromeliad has a shiny patent-leather Marsala color. It’s gorgeous.

Spring 2015 Blog Food 042

The Calathea’s showy, decorative leaves are Marsala colored underneath. Notice the unfurling leaf in the center.

Spring 2015 Blog Food 041

A dark-hued rubber tree has a burgundy cast.

Spring 2015 Blog Food 040

Another view of the Calathea plant, hiding its Marsala color under the leaves!


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