Take a Peek at 2017’s Top Garden Plants

Waukesha Floral is proud to announce that 2017’s top garden plants contain some new flowering annuals!  With splashy colors and heat-tolerance, these are sure to please all summer long.  New petunias are spectacular, and no longer just one color.  These pictures show the tiniest little seedlings, already with some showy flowers; striped, dotted and speckled with color!  



One of 2017’s Top Garden Plants is the Petunia!  Easy-to-grow Petunia care:

  1. Purchase your petunias as transplants.  Wisconsin’s growing season is too short to wait for seeds to develop.  Space plants about 1′ apart.  Use Waukesha Floral’s excellent soil-less planting mix.

  2.  Petunias are heat tolerant so you don’t have to water them as regularly.  A thorough watering once a week should be sufficient (unless we have extreme drought).  The Wave petunias (spreading) and those in containers may need more water.

  3.  Fertilize!  Use a water-soluble fertilizer bi-weekly to ensure good growth.  Remember to get a fertilizer with a higher middle number (10-20-10).  This number indicates the amount of phosphorous in the fertilizer mix.  Phosphorous aids in root development and increasing flowering ability and size of flowers.  Use this on petunias and your other blooming annuals.

  4.  Remove faded flowers to prolong blooming.  Enjoy, summer is too short!


Petunia ‘Sunflower Ray’, an early-flowering variety with lots of large, trumpet-shaped blooms. Certainly one of 2017’s top garden plants!


Petunia Headliner ‘Pink Sky’ with its white polka dots on a pink background, looks great in a container, hanging basket or directly in the garden


Bright buckets are planted to hold showers of flowers this summer!

JPEG_20170317_150053_-136245121 (003)

Willow branch basket is planted with trailing flowers just peeking over the edge.

JPEG_20170317_150106_2020558527 (003)

Geraniums are accented with white trailing flowers inside the bent willow hanging basket.

JPEG_20170317_145813_1920590355 (003)

Bright pink begonias are spreading outside of this unique cylindrical hanging planter. By late May, there should be mostly complete coverage of the container!

JPEG_20170317_145738_-1567158377 (003)

Pretty cone shaped baskets hold spring’s tiny seedlings.


Crazytunia ‘Swiss Dancer’ shows the colors of Switzerland!

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