Pinch Me!

As we approach the warmest part of the summer, it’s nice to revisit some of the mixed annual flower pots Waukesha Floral has planted and review the care that will take them through the rest of the summer.

Keep up the dead-heading!  Especially on geraniums, dahlias and Gerbera daisies, removing the spent blooms is key to encouraging new buds to form.  Pinching back full-size petunias and removing old blooms is also necessary to keep the plants from getting too leggy.  Trailers such as German Ivy, Sweetpotato vine and Vincas can be cut back to keep a well-groomed look.  Coleus plants should be pinched to keep them bushy… just the tiny two center leaves can be taken off to encourage growth from the base.

Fertilzing every other week is a good idea, and we suggest using one with a high middle number, such as 10-20-10.  That middle phosphorous number will keep the blooms coming!

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