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Wakesha Floral - Plant Rentals

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Plant Rental, Care & Design from Planteriors of Wisconsin

Planteriors of Wisconsin—a division of Waukesha Floral & Greenhouse—is the part of our business that allows us to meet our customers’ home and office décor needs with real and artificial plant and floral rentals. Whether they’re for short- or long-term use, we are happy to manage all your interior plant needs. Our services include:

  • Interior Plant selection, rental, design and installation
  • Upkeep and maintenance at the proper intervals and replacement guarantee
  • Custom decorations for holidays and events based on your requests
  • Special occasion plant and flower rentals

Long- and Short-Term Plant Rental by Planteriors of Wisconsin

Our designers assess your lighting, design décor and color scheme to recommend plants and flowers that will complement your surroundings. We’ll even take note of logistics—how individuals move throughout your space so the plants stand out without being in the way. When we install living plantscapes in your space, we visit weekly to ensure they’re receiving the maintenance they need to continue looking lush and beautiful. You don’t have to do a thing!

Our short-term rental options include those for trade shows, corporate events, banquets, special occasions and more. No matter the venue, our designers can turn it into a beautiful setting using real or artificial plants, flowers or centerpieces. Short-term rentals are a cost-effective option for making a statement at any event.

And if you’re a company that likes to decorate for special occasions or holidays, we can do that, too. We specialize in holiday decorations and other rentals fitting for any occasion. Whether you’re celebrating a company anniversary, throwing a holiday party or hosting an appreciation luncheon, we can recommend and provide you with beautiful plant and floral accents to make the event special.

A few of the venues we’ve supplied rentals to include:

  • Wisconsin Center
  • Miller Park
  • Milwaukee Theatre
  • Marcus Amphitheater
  • UW Panther Arena
  • Milwaukee Art Museum
  • Discovery World
  • Area Hotels and Halls
  • Riverside Theater
  • Pabst Theater
  • Bradley Center
  • The Wisconsin Club
  • The University Club
  • Sharon Lynne Wilson Center
  • The Legend at Brandybrook
  • The Legend at Merrill Hills
  • The Legend at Bristlecone
  • Red Circle Inn
  • Marriott West
  • Country Springs Hotel
  • Delafield Brewhouse
  • Lakefront Brewery
  • Mitchell Park Domes
  • Rustic Manor 1858
  • Harley Davidson Museum
  • Potawatomi Hotel & Casino
  • Milwaukee County Parks
  • Milwaukee War Memorial
  • Schlitz Audubon Center
  • Waukesha County Parks
  • Waukesha Expo Center
  • The Rotunda
  • Carroll University
  • Chenequa Country Club
  • The Broadlands
  • Ten Chimneys
  • Old World Wisconsin
  • Sheraton Brookfield

Designing Your Custom Plant Rental with Planteriors of Wisconsin

Businesses want plants that reflect their style, mission and attitude. We’ll talk through your ideas and collaborate to create a design for your space—conservative for a law firm, invigorating for a mall, relaxing for a spa and more. We personally walk through your space to see what foliage and floral pieces will look attractive and where they should be placed.

Green Architecture

If your building is in the process of being built, we would love to get involved from the start. It gives us more time to work with your layout and allows us to recommend designs that are outside of the box—including Biophyllic designs—such as a green wall created entirely of flowers and plants. That’s right, an entire wall! Installations like this may require water sources and plumbing which is why the sooner we are involved, the better.

“Green” Offices Are More Productive

Studies show that on average, people spend 95 percent of their time indoors—and are more productive when there are fresh flowers or plants around. Plants boost and purify oxygen, lower noise levels and reduce stress because of the calming effect nature has on people. Studies show that having plants around can make workers more productive. That’s why installing fresh greenery and plants has become increasingly popular in offices—and we can hand-select options just for your space.

We can also recommend plants to improve your indoor air quality. Adding greenery to your office increases oxygen and counters the pollutants and fumes that are given off by carpets, paints and more. Read more about plants for clean air on our plants page. No matter what kind of plants you’re looking for, Planteriors of Wisconsin is happy to offer our professional recommendations.

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