Improving Your Green Thumb with Our Planting & Potting Tips

At Waukesha Floral & Greenhouse, flowers and plants are our passion, and we want everyone to enjoy them (no matter what color thumb you have). That’s why we share our knowledge of all things plants, flowers and greenery. Whether you’re working on adding fresh flowers indoors or in your garden, we have the planting and potting tips you need to grow plush, exquisite flowers and plants.

Repotting Your Plants for Better Growth

Repotting your flowers and plants is the greatest way to give them a new lease on life. Our team at Waukesha Floral is here to make it easy—we’ll tell you what type of pot to pick, which soil mix to use and how to care for them so they stay healthy and vibrant. And if you’d like, we’ll even re-pot it for you and recommend plant food so your plants get the nutrients they need. We want your plants and flowers to bloom and delight as much as you do!

It’s important to get the proper-sized pot before repotting your plant. Choose a new pot that is one size up from the one your plant is in—for example, move from a six-inch to a seven-inch pot. Moving your plant to a pot that is much bigger than the one it’s in can cause it to spoil. We have a large selection of pots in different sizes, colors and patterns available in our greenhouse—we’re sure you’ll find one to repot your plant in.

Look at the root color when repotting your plant. They should be a light tan to white and the leaves a healthy green. If your roots are root-bound—wrapped around themselves—your plant can suffocate. Lightly tease and gently break them apart so they can thrive in new soil. The snapping sound the roots make is the sound of you breathing new life into your plant.

We recommend that you use a soilless potting mix to improve the health of your plant. Soil from the ground is too heavy and compact, which prevents your plant’s roots from growing. However, soilless mixes are typically made of perlite, bark and peat which creates a light, airy “soil” mix perfect for helping your plants flourish. The roots can spread out more easily and grow into the airy mix. Plus, it makes it easier for your plant to get the water and air that it needs.

Blooming Bulb Plants Brighten up Any Home or Yard

From tulips and hyacinths to lilies and daffodils, bold, striking plants can add timeless beauty to your outdoor landscape. Bulbs come in different grades which designate the size of their flower heads. In our greenhouse, we only use Grade-A bulbs, so you can expect bigger, more gorgeous flowers.

To bring the outdoors inside, make your own original arrangement! A clear glass container is an unexpected planter because it showcases the flower’s roots. Surround the stems and bulbs with Spanish moss, sheet moss and river rock for a rustic, nature-inspired centerpiece.