Planting Time!

It is time to plant… only not quite outdoors yet.  It’s time to plant in the greenhouse!  We are busy getting those little “plugs” (tiny seedlings with a few hairlike roots) into larger pots of soil to expand their roots for summer beauty.  The process starts right after Christmas when the seedlings are ordered from production greenhouses that insure healthy, disease free seedlings.  They are shipped to us in heated vehicles at the beginning of March.  By the time they arrive, our greenhouse manager Tom has fired up the heaters in our back greenhouse and has pre-filled many of the containers the plugs will go into.  Tom and staff then decides what combinations would work together in hanging baskets and container gardens, and these are planted.  4″ pots receive individual plugs to grow up for our customers’ own containers and gardens.  We add a lot of sunshine, some fertilized water and lots of TLC to get our beautiful crop, ready for Mother’s Day and May planting.  We can’t wait to get our hands dirty!


We are growing for you!


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