Find Stunning Indoor and Outdoor Plants at Waukesha Floral

At Waukesha Floral & Greenhouse, we know the importance of having fresh, fun, fabulous indoor and outdoor plants and flowers. That’s why we keep our store and greenhouse stocked with them. No matter the occasion, we have exactly what you need. Discover what to love about our chrysanthemums, azaleas, and more below, then contact us for help finding the perfect one for you.

Something New for Every Season

In our greenhouse, you’ll find new colors, textures, and scents every season. Fall is one of our favorite seasons for that reason. Our greenhouse pops with deep red, orange, and maroon colors. Mums, kale, tasseled grasses, and other plants bloom brilliantly. Whether you come for indoor or outdoor plants, our selection will remind you crisp autumn days even without the changing leaves outside. Other gorgeous options for indoor and outdoor plants include those from the Croton family, Bromeliads, and Dracaena “Lime-Lite.”

No matter what you’re looking for, be they orchids, succulents, or even trees, our team can help you find it. You’ll love what you find—and love how long-lasting and affordable each plant and flower is. Whatever the season, let us help you find the mix of plants that’s exactly right for you.

Choose Indoor Plants for Cleaner Air and Increased Productivity

Indoor plants are more than pleasant to look at—they can also actually clean your air. They are able to eliminate pollutants, gases, and fumes emitted by common home items like carpet, cleaning supplies, and paint. Some of the most powerful air cleaning plants include ivies, ferns, chrysanthemums, and dragon trees.

Plants have a wide range of other benefits as well. They can reduce noise and stress levels in your home or office, and even increase your productivity. Each one’s air-cleansing properties also make life easier for those with allergies.

Grow Your Own With Our Vegetable Plants

Want to grow your own vegetable plants? You don’t need a full garden to get the job done. You just need Waukesha Floral. In our store, you can find a variety of annual veggie plants such as tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, squash, and more. With those, you can grow fresh and delicious veggies any time of year. We can even give you tips and tricks to help you take care of your new vegetable plants, no matter where you choose to plant them.

Marvel Over the Selection at Waukesha Floral

In addition to all the options listed above, we carry outdoor plants and flowers including beautiful bedding plants, hardy geraniums and mums, and lush hanging baskets for fall. Many of them have been grown on site in our production greenhouse. Choose from our selection of decorative plants and containers—our experienced gardening pros offer custom planting of your outdoor containers using what you like.

Stop in today and ask one of our friendly staff members for assistance. For more information on our indoor and outdoor plants and flowers, call us at 262-542-8152 or contact us online.