Preview Fall

 OK, we might as well admit it.  The signs are all there… kids building their dorm room collections, back to school forms are due, the mail carrier traded his shorts for long pants today and the air conditioner at home is off!  Fall is coming.  It’s in the lengthening shadows and the bus drivers practicing their routes.  It’s in the stores and it’s here at Waukesha Floral!

Besides the chipmunks hiding acorns in the greenhouse, we’ve seen autumn merchandise making its way in… beautiful earth tone pottery and baskets, lovely permanent flowers, rich colored scarves and purses, gathering baskets and scarecrow rakes and brooms, spicy candles and autumn textiles.

Sure, there will be more hot and sticky days (we hope just a few!).  There will be more bright pink bouquets and summertime arrangements to make.  But if you’re like us, we like the lengthening shadows and beautiful sunsets that Autumn brings.  The smell of withering leaves and the distant honking of traveling geese is comforting.  We know that not far behind is the scent of pine and fresh baked cut-out cookies.  And we appreciate each season in Waukesha for the joys they bring.

Stop in anytime for a taste of Fall.

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