Progress is Being Made at Waukesha Floral!

Above Floral Cooler:  Mahogany 3-D Wall

Perky Orange with “Waukesha Floral” Letters

 An update on our “facelift” progress!  The main atrium has been painted a very perky Parakeet Green with Khaki Shade and Crisp Linen walls.  This is the area we change seasonally, and we think these colors will be neutral to compliment Spring, Summer, Autumn and Christmas merchandise.  In the back, our sympathy area sports Hazel, which sometimes looks blue and sometimes green, but is very tranquil.  The wall towards our greenhouse has Armagnac (orange) with silver “Waukesha Floral” letters.  After 30 years in our barn, the silver letters spelling out our name are finally in place!  The rich mahogany wood pieces over our cooler make a nice focal point for the whole room.  Carpet squares in brown and tan complete the facelift.  What’s left?  Two walls next to our check-out should be done by Valentine’s Day!  Come and check out our progress!

Paint was chosen from the Urban Organic Color Collections by Sherwin Williams.  Choosing from 20 colors that all harmonize together made the project fun and easy.  The cooler wall and wall repairs were done by TAG construction, and the carpet squares were installed by Stu’s Flooring.

The color Hazel in our sympathy area
Parakeet Green enlivens our atrium!

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