Roses Roses Roses!

Valentine’s Day is this Tuesday and Waukesha Floral is stocked with red roses plus a variety of gorgeous colors. Many people ask what color rose they should send for different occasions. Here is a list of the most common meanings of the colors of roses:

  • Red = Passionate love, courage, strength
  • Yellow = Friendship
  • White = Purity, innocence
  • Pink = Secret love, happiness
  • Deep Pink = Thank you
  • Light Pink = Sympathy, femininity
  • Lavender = Enchantment
  • Orange = Desire
  • Peach = Gatitude, admiration
  • Blue = Mystery
  • Red and White Combination of Roses = “Together as one”, bonding, harmony, true love
  • Yellow and Orange Combination of Roses = Passionate thoughts

About the Author: imaadmin