Scene in the Greenhouse… Geraniums!

Geraniums provide COLOR in our greenhouse!

Geraniums!  They are a “staple” of the garden!  Great in full sun or patio pots, they also thrive in hanging baskets and are pushy enough to share their planting space with aggressive plants.

Geraniums love to have hot sun on their faces but prefer a little cooler root system, so it can be beneficial to top dress the plant with some mulch.  The plants will produce beautiful blooms all summer with frequent “deadheading” of the spent flowers.  To do this, follow the stem the flower is on all the way back to the main “trunk” of the plant, and take the whole stem and old bloom off.

If a really good showing of geranium flowers is desired for an outdoor party, consider removing all the blooms from the geranium plants 2-3 weeks before the party.  The plants will respond with spectacular flowers all at once for your event.

A regular fertilizing of 20-20-20 every couple of weeks also helps vigor and longevity.

These robust red beauties want to go home with you!

Spectacular Hanging Basket… and someone’s hat!

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