Scene in the Greenhouse: Herbs!

Mint Mojito

It’s time to grow some herbs!

Here are some favorites!  Mint mojito plant is fabulous when made into the drink that tastes like a little bit of summer.  It’s a good thing the plant grows fast, because one drink requires 10 mint leaves!  It’s definitely worth borrowing from the plant to make this refreshing drink on a hot day.  We recommend growing this mint in a pot.  Like any mint, the plant can be very aggressive when planted directly to a garden.

Here is an easy mint mojito recipe link: Real easy mint mojito recipe


Basil is a wonderful herb to flavor salads or make pesto.  It’s flavorful in caprese salads (with tomatoes, mozzarella and a little balsamic vinegar or even just salt) or potato salads too.

Rosemary is not just a pretty name, but also used for soups and cooked dishes such as chicken or roast potatoes.  An easy recipe is to cut potatoes or sweet potatoes in chunks, add a little olive oil and some chopped rosemary, and roast for one hour at 400 degrees, turning a couple times.  Yum!


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