Scene in the Greenhouse… Not the Usual Flowers

Double Flowering Hibiscus Tree

Humble, yet Mighty… the Strawflower!

Here is a gorgeous double orange Hibiscus flower found blooming today in our greenhouse!  Did you know the flower lasts but one day and then withers?  In bright sun, with plenty of water, the plants will continue to push out new blooms on a daily basis.  They are wonderful in patio pots for height, or we have them in a shorter version for a lower container.  Flowers are pink, peach, orange, red or a combination of one of those colors with white.

A humble flower in our greenhouse is the sunny yellow strawflower.  The preschoolers who pass through love to touch this flower and feel the papery petals and center that “looks like a Cheerio” per Lily from St. Luke’s.  They love to bake in the hot sun and bloom out with a profusion of yellow!

Another striking flower is the African Daisy (Osteospermum).  These are also very tolerant of hot sun and less than idea watering situations.  The beauty of lemon yellow with a ring of white and purple on each petal is a striking contrast.

Try one of these “different” plants this year!

Lemon African Daisy

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