Selecting the Poinsettia for Success

How do YOU choose the right poinsettia?  Do you shop by price alone or pick up a plant that is at the end of the checkout line in the grocery store?  For beauty, longevity and the joy of successful plant care, those may be the wrong reasons.  Waukesha Floral & Greenhouse’s plants start as young seedlings in July.  Our greenhouse manager Tom combines the perfect mix of soil with the correct amount of plants for the container size, then carefully waters, fertilizes and pinches back the plants.  The amount of sunlight allowed in the greenhouse is timed so the poinsettias bloom at Christmas.  Each plant is spaced adequately for appropriate air circulation, and then staked for support.  Our plants are sold when the centers of the flowers are just starting to crack open–right around the end of November through the holidays.  Full yellow centers indicate a plant that has been forced a little too soon, and may not last long.  We never sleeve our poinsettias ahead of time, but always wrap them for the elements if the weather is below 50 degrees. We think Waukesha Floral’s poinsettias are the finest quality around!  Click here for additional hints on choosing the right poinsettia for long-lasting holiday bloom, or see Tom and Marty talking about poinsettia growth and care.


When choosing the right poinsettia, the center “flowers” should just be cracking open. Fully opened yellow flowers or missing flowers indicate the plant is at the end of its bloom time.


Make sure the plant has green leaves all the way down to the top of the pot, no bugs, and has been staked for support if it is very large.


Of course you’ll want to shop at your local greenhouse for a variety of beautiful flowering plants! Why shop anywhere else?


Perhaps you would like to change it up from traditional red to a neon pink poinsettia?


Marty loves poinsettias!

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