Snowman… In JULY??

Here’s a nifty plant that came to Waukesha Floral from Florida this week. “Eugenia Myrtifolia”, or commonly called Brush Cherry, in this topiary form, reminds me of a 3-part snowman! Of course, the greenhouse is a little warm for snowmen this time of year.

Clipped in a formal fashion, this would make a great plant in semi-sun to full sun outdoors, or would thrive in a high light interior. It is a tropical plant so it must be brought indoors in the winter, or used as an annual plant. It’s a bright and beautiful plant, and I believe we have 4 of them currently. They are priced at $59.99 each.

Or add a top hat,carrot nose and charcoal for eyes plus a light summer scarf… snowman in July!!

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