South-of-the-Border Style Wedding Features Hot Colors

Friday’s featured wedding was held at the beautiful Veterans Terrace building in Burlington and featured black tablecloths with brightly colored napkins and festive maraca shakers.  The flowers were a mix of hot colored roses, carnations and Gerbera daisies in simple cylinder vases.  Personal bouquets were single types of flowers for the attendants and a mix of all for the bride.  Ceremony flowers really popped with their vibrant colors and different textures.  Ole’!

Wedding 6.19.15 008

Designed with a mix of colors, flowers and textures. Look for the gorgeous poppy pods in this arrangement!

Wedding 6.19.15 006

Colorful flowers pick up the brightly colored napkins and maraca favors.

Wedding 6.19.15 005

Really fresh and beautifully fragrant.

Wedding 6.19.15 004

This beautiful room holds up to 400 people for a banquet!

Wedding 6.19.15 002

Bridal bouquet… spot the succulents, poppy pods, billy balls and pincushion protea?

Wedding 6.19.15 001

Attendant’s bouquets featured a mix of flowers used in the reception and compliments the bride’s hand-tied.


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