Spring has Arrived!

The temps are moving in a positive direction and that can only mean one thing. Spring is finally here! One sure sign of spring here at Waukesha Floral is the arrival of the first tiny seedlings that will become your beautiful gardens this year. Tom and crew are furiously planting all the latest Proven Winner annuals and hanging baskets. All winter Tom studies the latest and greatest that are tested for our Wisconsin summers. One key tip that he gave me was to Fertilize, Fertilize, Fertilize! Our summers in this zone are kind of short and therefore you need to feed to get the top results. A low dose of fertilizer can be added each time you water and will give you spectacular results. Being that these plants have a short life span in the yard, May-September, the added fertilizer will only make them produce faster. Tom suggests using a fertilizer with a high middle number to promote flowers and fruit, such as a 5-10-5, or maybe 10-20-10. The middle number stands for phosphorus for fruit and flower. The first number is nitrogen for healthy leaves and lots of green growth, and the third number is for potassium. It is used by the plant to promote rooting. All three together balance each other to give the plant the greatest of all worlds.
So stop by and stick your head into the back greenhouse and enjoy your first smell of fresh soil and growing things! Until next time, enjoy the temps!
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