Spring Hydrangea

The Easter season is upon us! Many churches and homes decorate with beautiful blooming plants such as the Hydrangea. This pink beauty was photographed in our greenhouse by one of the Art’s Camera’s students… what a wonderful close-up!

Hydrangea plants outdoors typically bloom white in Wisconsin. But they can be tricked into colors by adding an acidic fertilizer regularly to the soil in summer. As an indoor plant they can be very rewarding. The main trick is to be sure the soil doesn’t dry out, and to keep the plant away from drafty areas (much like a poinsettia plant). With proper care, the Hydrangea can easily last from 6 weeks to 2 months.

Waukesha Floral currently has a nice supply of both pink and blue plants, plus gorgeous Easter Lilies that have been given our TLC. Stop by!

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