Sweet Spring Scents

Easter is coming and so is spring.   Although the calendar says spring, we are still never sure!  Bring the scent of spring into your home with flowers and plants.  Here are some of our favorite “scent-sational” choices:

Easter 2016 015

Carnations…. spicy smell, very mild

Mothers Day 2014 010

Roses – a mild fragrance, in modern roses sometimes non-existent.

Easter 2016 019

The Easter Lily – very fragrant with a beautiful scent. Notice we keep the pollen out of the plant – for longevity and cleanliness!


Large lilies, such as Stargazers are great cut flowers and also add their lily fragrance.

Festival of Flowers 2016 2 014

Lily of the Valley – Popular at the end of May, in bridal bouquets, bouts and corsages. The flowers are small but powerfully scented.

Easter 2016 016

Hyacinth Flowers: Extremely fragrant! There should almost be a warning label for high fragrance on these bulb plants. They are equally as fragrant when planted outdoors.

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