It’s Friday of Valentine’s Week and our cooler is stocked with deliveries for today!  And, our deliveries will continue to increase, not just with Valentine’s orders but also birthdays, new babies, sympathy… it’s funny how flowers are always top of the mind this week when it’s time to send a gift or remembrance.  Still, the bulk of our orders are for Valentine’s Day.

Delivery is one of the most challenging and crucial parts of our business.  We want the arrangements to get where they’re going on time, look great, and not have any broken flowers.  Our delivery drivers are the key!

  • We hire experienced drivers who know the delivery area and are trustworthy.
  • Tissue, boxes and bags are used on our deliveries to help “gather in” the flowers and keep them from brushing up against something and breaking.  Of course, weather always plays a role in how we wrap the flowers.  After all, flowers are our babies.  And you wouldn’t send your baby into the cold without wrapping them up first!
  • Our trucks have racks in them to hold the deliveries in place and avoid tipping.

Paying attention to the details of delivery is important to us, and our customers too.  It may cost a little more to make sure everything is wrapped and delivered safely, but we think it’s worth it and our loyal customers have proven it.


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